Hosting the best sites for this year DreamHost

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Hosting the best sites for this year DreamHost hosting site
Dreamhost entered the hosting market more than two decades ago, as it was established in

1996 and since its time, its user base is constantly increasing over time.

Hosting the best sites for this year DreamHost

And nowadays hundreds of thousands of people who consider it the best hosting use it to

host more than 1.5 million websites due to its strength and the high quality of the hosting it provides.

Although DreamHost does not use a popular control panel such as Cpanel or PLC and uses its own

control panel, this may not be a big problem for a large segment of its users. This is because the DreamHost

hosting control panel has most of the tools found in cPanel and Plesk and do most of the jobs that they do with ease.

Hosting website developments

Dreamhost’s development of the control panel and not relying on an external panel made it able to

provide the value of the usage license, which constitutes a large number for web hosting companies with a large number of users such as Dreamhost.

Disadvantages of a hosting site”

But what may be wrong with the control panel is that, unlike C-Panel, it is only available in English and

its interface can only be converted to Arabic using the translation feature in the browser or if

DreamHost provides the ability to change the control language to other languages ​​after translation.

Other advantages in the hosting site “

Besides providing shared web hosting services and managed WordPress hosting that

the company calls “DreamPress”, DreamHost also offers a cloud computing service called

DreamCompute. The company also sells virtual hosting servers and there are also full servers for rent with different specifications.

Number of hosting packages”

Dreamhost shared hosting is available in only two packages, one of which is limited (small)

resources and the other is unlimited. Both plans include unlimited bandwidth, free daily backups,

automatic WordPress updates, a powerful website builder and more.

Hosting prices”

The smallest DreamHost hosting package costs $ 4.95 per month ($ 2.59 included in this offer)

and Domain gives you a gift for your site with the domain name hidden for free.

And if you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the company in detail,

please feel free to review the DreamHost hosting review that we have published.

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