who are we

who are we

Hey readers, I am your host today on this page of my site. I will provide you with all this information about myself and my website. Because this is very important to you, if you are a regular reader of this site. In this entire article you will read about the basic information about the self-admin and my site.

If you want to know completely about this topic then read this entire article and stay with me. Let’s move on to the main topic of this page. First you will read about the site and secondly about myself.

Receiver option – basic information

Recipient’s Choice is a blog where you can read about all technical information. Also in this blog, we always post our unique blogging tips and tricks relevant to all types of the blogging field. We also provide SEO and digital marketing information and tools for our readers.

From this blog you will read about all natural techniques and scientific technical information. Basically this website is the foundation of education. All publications are based on education. On our blog you can read all posts on artificial intelligence. Because it is a major part of all kinds of tech websites. And people are more interested in artificial intelligence. Blogger will also read what kind of articles are on this site, as they want.

Official Self Information,

An Egyptian from Sohag Governorate, born 5-8-1990,

Name – Badriya Saeed Obaid Al-Juhani *

Nationality – Egyptian *

Born 5-8-1990 *

The Center – Gerga *


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It provides SEO services, marketing content writing, and Adsense approval services to the peoples. His main revenue streams are blogging and freelance work. And this was also created by the departure of Rahman to spread his knowledge among the peoples. This is very basic information about the administration of this website. Thanks a lot for reading this blog page. Badriya Saeed.